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First Call for Papers


International Symposium

Virtual Learning Systems for Business Organizations

PDVSA-CIED, Av. Del Hatillo, intersection La Tahona

Caracas, November 4-5, 1999


It is well known that deep technological changes have impelled the modern business organizations towards new functional models and operation mechanisms. These organizations adopt different ways of working and learning under the action of combined forces; such as: the economic and cultural globalization, the growth of the communication networks and the quick transfer of new knowledge from research to practice.

Specifically, in the realm of learning in the organizations, it is observed an increase in the use of devices that facilitate the interaction among people and objects without requiring an immediate presence. The videoconferencing, the educational CD-ROM, the digital simulators, the Web-based courses, are only a few examples of this tendency. In them, the interaction happens in virtual spaces that have been created by means of information and communication systems.

The Symposium on Virtual Learning Systems for Business Organizations has as purpose to gather a roster of experts from the Americas, Spain and Portugal to present and to discuss the advances in the learning systems of companies and institutions that develop the "virtual" concept, by means of the application of technologies of information, control and communication.