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First Call for Papers


International Symposium

Virtual Learning Systems for Business Organizations

PDVSA-CIED, Av. Del Hatillo, intersection La Tahona

Caracas, September 20-22, 1999


This event is product of the combined action of the PDVSA-CIED (International Education and Development Center) -that will be the hostess institution- and RIBIE (Iberian-American Network of Informatics for Education). Also, the Institute of Research of Higher Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (IESALC), a branch of UNESCO, is acting with character of advisory body.

PDVSA-CIED is the Corporate University of Petroleum of Venezuela, S.A., whose aim is to educate, to train and to develop the human resources of the Venezuelan Oil Industry. Its scope of action also extends towards the international companies that develop petroleum-based activities in Venezuelan territory and to the wider sector that provides resources and support services to this Industry. A considerable proportion of the effort of the CIED is devoted to the investigation of the most recent instructional technologies and to the design of educational materials.

The RIBIE was born as an idea and strategic area of the CYTED Program - Science and Technology for Development, integrated by government organisms of all the countries that conform the Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula – regions of the World with deep cultural links. Their general purpose is to improve the Education in the Iberian-American context with the use of the Technologies of Information and Telecommunications. In this respect, this organization looks for to gather the efforts of 21 participating countries, to develop actions that empower the exchanges among research and development groups acting in the area of technology-supported learning systems..

The IIESALC is one of the organs of coordination of UNESCO for the region of Latin America and The Caribbean. It highlights its work in the search of pathways for the integration of the Higher Education Systems of the constituent countries; and between these systems and the business organizations. It has developed an important work in the promotion and support of international academic networks, making use of the current technologies.

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