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First Call for Papers


International Symposium

Virtual Learning Systems for Business Organizations

PDVSA-CIED, Av. Del Hatillo, intersection La Tahona

Caracas, September 20-22, 1999


International organizing committee


This committee takes charge of the diffusion of the event, of the process of presentation of the papers before international referees for its selection and of the final elaboration of the Program.

  • President: Dr. Fabio Chacón, Latin American Expert in Distance Education, at the moment Consultant of the CIED in that matter,
  • Argentina: Professor Alejandra Zangara, University of La Plata, Consultant of the IDB in Educational Technology, Buenos Aires,
  • Brazil: Dr. Frederick Litto, University of Sao Paulo, Director of the Project Escola do Futuro,
  • Colombia: Dr. Alvaro Galvis, Director of the Laboratory of Research and Development in Computer Science in Education of the University The Andes (LIDIE-UNIANDES), Bogota,
  • Spain: Dr. Antonio Hidalgo, Polytechnic University of Madrid, General Secretary of the Center of Graduate Studies in Business Administration (CEPADE),
  • Mexico: Dr. Guillermo Villaseñor, Director of Programs of Management Education of the Virtual University, Technological Institute of Higher Education of Monterrey,
  • Portugal: Dr. Francisco Velez Roxo, Catholic University of Lisbon, Director of the EasyPhone Project,
  • Venezuela: Dr. José Silvio Pomenta, Main Specialist of Higher Education, IIESALC - UNESCO, Caracas,

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