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First Call for Papers


International Symposium

Virtual Learning Systems for Business Organizations

PDVSA-CIED, Av. Del Hatillo, intersection La Tahona

Caracas, September 20-22, 1999


Requirements of the Papers


  1. The official languages of the conference are Spanish, Portuguese and English; therefore, the papers can be elaborated in anyone of these languages.
  2. All the papers will be presented in digital format and sent as attachments by E-mail to the electronic address They are acceptable in the formats * .rtf (Word 95-97 for PC or Macintosh), * .pdf (Macintosh) and * .wri (Wíndows 95-98). The files bigger than one megabit should be compressed by means of ZIP before their shipment.
  3. For the presentations, the CIED has connection with LAN and access to Internet in all the halls, data projector, Power Point 97, retroproyector and screen. Two workshop classrooms are equipped with computers type PC Pentium. The main room of the event – Gran Salón - is also equipped with Videoconference System PictureTel, with 128 Kb/Sec. bandwidth.
  4. Only the Plenary Conferences will have English-Spanish translation in both ways; the other papers will be presented in the language they were originally written.
  5. The papers must be written in impersonal style; that is to say, using the third person of the singular preferably. Equally, they will be adjusted to the orthographic and grammatical norms of the language.
  6. Papers won't be accepted that simply constitute a series of slides for the presentation.
  7. It will be checked that a referencing system is applied in consistent form; either by means of the last name and the date – I.e.: (Carranza, 1997) - or by means of numbered notes. All the citations will be reflected in the bibliography.
  8. The bibliography will only refer to the authors or works specifically mentioned in the text of the paper; references of general type won't be included as complement. The title of the bibliographical section will be ‘References’.
  9. A type of uniform letter should be used in the text - it is recommended Times Roman 11 points or similar. The main titles will go centered and the secondary ones to the left. The text should be justified both sides.
  10. The charts or graphic that are included should go centered and won't exceed half page. They will have numeration and title under them, equally centered.
  11. In the first lines of the paper it will be included, without exception, the following information:
  • Type of paper: communication, demonstration, poster or workshop
  • Title of the paper: centered, in uppercase and boldfaces
  • Author or authors: centered and boldface
  • E-mail address: a single reference address
  • Country: if the authors are of different countries, that of origin of the work will be chosen.

All the papers will be subjected to three specialists' arbitrated evaluation and the decision of them will be communicated to each participant individually. Those papers sent earlier will have a prompt answer by the Organizing Committee.

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